Wambam Photography


For many parents, the thought of a family shoot can be their worst nightmare – but I can guarantee you, any photographer worth their salt can allay any worries and help guide you through the process to get the family album you always dreamed of.

I shape my photography skills to suit you and your family, offering more classic styles or something bolder and more adventurous. Whatever best captures your family dynamic, we can achieve it! Having done countless shoots, I do have a few top tips for nervy parents to help you feel more confident and to keep your kids happier during the shoot.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


You know better than anyone your child’s daily routine: when they get hungry, when they get cranky, when they are sleepy – and especially when they are at their best. Work with your photographer to schedule a shoot at the optimum time of day so that your littlun will be most receptive to the camera, enabling their true self to shine through the images.



Think carefully about the kind of shoot you want in relation to your child’s age. Obviously, new-borns and older kids work wonderfully in a studio – but if you are around that somewhat trickier toddler age where four walls just aren’t going to cut it, consider shooting on location – a local park, or even your own garden. If there is a place with particular sentimental value to you, we can absolutely work it in and, often, familiarity can contribute to a child’s confidence on camera.


Make sure you have a few tricks stuffed up your sleeve for when the kids start to find the shoot a little tedious. Their favourite toy can put a real smile on their face, which is the best kind of smile to capture; in fact, many toys (building blocks, balloons, and bubbles, for example) can really add to the shoot, so when you pack some up, pick ones that complement the palette of your child’s clothing, just in case!



Make sure you bring something for your kids to snack on when they need a few minutes’ light relief – but, if your child has a habit of managing to get sticky fingers in the most surprising places, try bringing sweets like jelly babies or milk bottles to limit any crumbs or stains you might be keen to avoid! Fussy eater? No problem – don’t sweat the small stuff: the editing that takes place after the shoot can work wonders to eliminate the odd blotch or presence of crumbs!  


I get a lot of questions about how to dress kids for shoots, and have two key points for you: number one, white works beautifully, inside or out! Despite many people having concerns that the white might fade into the studio setting, it does in fact look beautiful, adding an angelic quality or purity to your images that suits children’s shoots. Similarly, pops of colour can also work well, and anything goes – though one thing to be aware of is landscape when shooting on location. For example, reds worn against green, natural spaces can clash; yellows against greens can be lost. Think about your chosen location and, if you are really struggling, consult online colour palettes – Pantone is a great website for this, but even a quick Google Image search can provide some good inspiration and complementing colours you can use as a base for wardrobe. 



To put it simply, and as you well know, kids are unpredictable. Whatever happens, let it run its course – photographers have seen it all before, so please don’t feel anxious or embarrassed about ANYTHING! Just go with it – the more confident and relaxed you are, the more your children will be, too. I guarantee you will end up with some fabulous shots you will cherish forever regardless.